Welcome to Exam Crash Courses - GCSE/A-level Revision Course Experts

Exam Crash Courses has been in the education and tutoring sector for over 15 years. We bring today an array of revision course experts who are majorly examiners in their chosen area of subject expertise. Over the years, our courses have achieved fairly 95% success rate with students reporting upward jump in their grades just because they attend our revision courses based in Greater Manchester.

If you intend to gain the needed examination confidence without messing about, then book on to our   Revision Course Technique today. Limited spaces are available

Our typical revision course day follows the format below:-

10am - 12noon  - The teacher hands over the list of topics on the specification for the students to indicate which ones they might be struggling with. The tutor then uses carefully selected and tricky questions to help the students go through those topics

12.00 noon -12.30pm -  Lunch break

12.30pm - 2.30pm  The teacher helps the students with examination techniques on the other aspects of the curriculum that they do not really think they are struggling with by using very tricky, sneaky and tough questions.

12.30pm-3.00pm - Second break

3.00pm -3.45 pm -  Mock examination on all topics covered

3.45pm-5.00pm - The tutor goes through the  solution of the mock exam with the students and marks their papers and hands over to them with targeted feedbacks that would help them as they make final exam preparation. 

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